September 28, 2014

HTML vertical tabs (w/jQuery)

I think, I've created really nice implementation of vertical tabs in HTML. I really like it because I'm not a frontend developer, but it works and feels simple \(•◡•)/.

Other reasons? Well, let's see:

  • Depends on nothing but jQuey.
  • Has really small and clean implementation.
  • Follows DRY principle: you define your tabs only in one place and you don't need to have that mess with IDs. It's especially useful when you render some template and need to include/create some tabs on demand.
  • Automatic creation of tabs menu.
  • Automatic menu & content size.
  • Doesn't corrupt your URL with '#' anchors.
  • Easy to adopt.

Bonus: looks great with HTML KickStart.

Where is it? Try out: Enjoy!

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