April 24, 2012

Kiev Hackathon

    Last weekend I and three my mates took participation in [Kiev Hackathon], organized by Facebook. This event took place at [Hyatt Regency Kiev] on April 21-22.
    At the beginning of hackathon [Paul] has asked to raise a hand as an answer to a question: 'Who has a problem?'. No hands were raised. Then Paul said that when he asks this question in his class it comes that almost everyone has some kind of problem, something to change in everyday life. 
This seems to be very strange. Just think about it: people living in a country with high standard of living (such as the USA) have rather more problems than people living in a country where standard of living is more lower and pessimistic moods are dominating (such as Ukraine). I suppose, everyone just misunderstood the question, but nevertheless, it's a kind of paradoxical fact. 

   As about the event itself, it was great. Crazy night, awesome place, nice and positive people. By the way, the day the hackathon started was the same day I've returned from my 5-day trip to Odessa, where I have been taking participation in the 'Technical diagnosis of digital devices and software' olympiad. So, it seemed to me like a one crazy 6-day almost sleepless event. Maybe I'm self-masohism prone:).

   Despite, I'm trying to be aware of any kind of social networks, I'd like to thank Facebook and especially people, who organized hackathon for this great and positive event. It helped me to open my mind a little more once again.

    Try to find me on the picture below ;) .

April 03, 2012

Earth's chronology

   Every time I see the picture below I say "Damn!". And it's not because of it's a clock (it alludes the cycling of events, but we can't be sure of it).  It's because of time proportions.

    Taking into consideration the approximate age of humanity is 200.000 years and average lifespan is about 70 years, in terms of this 'clock' the average human lives just about 0.027 seconds.
   Just amazing. It took about 24⋅60 minutes to create and seems it will take less then 1 minute to destroy. Imagine a digital signal with setup-time of 1440 minutes and hold-time about 1 minute. It's 1:1440. Damn! What kind of logic is it?